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Help Cammarata Management, Inc. Surpass 2018’s Totals

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s the time of year to think about giving back. Help our team at Cammarata Management, Inc. Make a difference this year by donating to our annual food drive.

Who We Are

Cammarata Management, Inc. is a local management company that wants to make a difference. It’s easy to overlook those who are less fortunate than ourselves, forgetting that there are many people who don’t have a home to live in or a family to be with during the holidays. But, we at Cammarata Management want to be difference makers in our community.

We want to remember those who are often overlooked. To begin doing this, we started holding annual food drives in 2013. Last year, in 2018, we exceeded our goals and donated nearly 200 pounds of food to feed local homeless communities. We want to help once again in 2019 and our goal is to surpass our previous donation totals this year.

We’re asking for your help in achieving our goal this year. Every donation matters! Even if it’s one, or a few canned goods, this goes a long way when paired with the donations of other generous locals who want to make a difference. Join us this year and help the local homeless community enjoy a warm Thanksgiving meal.


Help in Any Way You Can

There are many ways in which you can help us reach our goal this year. Some of these ways include:

• Donation of canned goods
• Donation of items that won’t perish
• Donating your time to help feed the homeless community and working with the Long Beach Rescue Mission

A couple of canned items, when paired with the donations of others, will really make a difference. So, even if you can’t give much, give what you can. Whether that’s food donations, your time, or financial contributions. Even with small contributions we can make a difference and touch the lives of those who are less fortunate. Step up and help us make that difference in our local community.


Let’s Exceed Our Previous Marks and Set New Goals!

Donating nearly 200 pounds of food was a huge milestone for us at Cammarata Management, Inc. in 2018. We’re looking forward to surpassing that at this year’s food drive. Drop by and make a contribution. Some of the items we accept include:

• Canned pumpkin, yams, and cranberry sauces
• Boxed stuffing and prepared meals
• Gravies, sauces, and other toppings
• Pie crusts prepared pies and desserts
• Sealed beverages for those we’re helping to drink with their Thanksgiving feast

The earlier you start making these contributions, the easier it is going to be for us to come together as a community and make an impact on the lives of those who are less fortunate. No donation is too small, and we want to include everyone in our annual food drive to help feed the homeless.

Stop by the Cammarata Management, Inc. offices to make your donations. It’s never too early to help this holiday season, and we want to make a difference. Join us and help in any way you can. Even a small contribution adds up to make a big difference!

Since 2013, Cammarata Management, Inc. holds three annual food drives to help feed the homeless by donating food to the Long Beach Rescue Mission.

In 2018, we donated over 200 pounds of food to the LB Mission for Thanksgiving:

Please help us this year to archive our goal.

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LB Mission is grateful for the donations!

We are in the process of gathering food donations for delivery for this Thanksgiving.

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