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In addition to providing you information about your own Association, we will strive to bring you information to keep you up to date on various topics, important issues and laws pertaining to the CID industry.

SB 1128 (New election rules)

CAI-CLAC supported SB 1128 which will allow associations to elect members to the board by acclamation when the number of candidates running for board positions is less than or equal to the number of board spots up for election, saving associations thousands of dollars in election-related costs. This bill passed the State Senate last month and was then unanimously approved by the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee. Next up is a July 3rd hearing in the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

SB 721 (Balcony Inspections)

CAI-CLAC scored a major victory on this bill, which if passed intact, would have imposed duplicative and expensive new maintenance standards on balconies, decks and elevated walkways in apartments as well as common interest development communities. Thanks to a very effective #clacattack advocacy campaign waged by CAI-CLAC members throughout the state, the author, Senator Jerry Hill, agreed to delete the provision pertaining to common interest developments. The people spoke and our elected officials listened!